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Claire Colbert, Guest Teacher

Tell us about your years of dancing. When did you start and what did you do?

In 1990, when living in Bristol, I happened to see a lindy hop performance and I immediately wanted to learn. I was so keen that I would drive the 2 hours to London and back in one evening just to take lessons with the London Swing Dance Society, and Jitterbugs. In those days the Swing Dance scene was small and intimate, and classes were only available in London. By 1991 I was teaching lessons in Bristol and performing by the end of that year.

When I moved to London in 1995, I went to every class, workshop and dance that I could find, and began dancing with Ron Leslie. I taught with him for 12 years. My main love is jazz routines and I remember my very first jazz steps lesson with Ryan Francois. I have taught in the UK, the US and a taster class at Herrang.

I started to lead in 1994 and have regularly been taking workshops as a lead since. It's so much easier to be able to demonstrate a move when you can swap in an instant, and doing both lead and follow allows a couple to feel each other's energy better. I am looking forward to teaching both lead and follow in class with Dawn !

The best part of teaching is being able to inspire and inform students and see the big smiles on their faces when they crack the moves. It's been more than 30 years but that never gets old. Perfect!

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