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About SwingStateLondon

SwingStateLondon is a local swing dance school, based in Raynes Park and Wimbledon in South West London that was founded in 2018 by Dawn.

Dawn teaches the Lindy Hop, an African American partner dance that was created and danced in Harlem in the 1920s and 1930s to big band swing. Dawn's aim in her classes, is to teach her students to have fun and feel confident on the dance floor, and to be able to dance with anyone. Her ultimate aim is for her students to get on the social dance floor and make their dance partners feel fantastic through the medium of Lindy Hop. This can be done with the most basic of moves - moves are a part of it - as well as musicality, techniques to feel what your partner is feeling, and some training on how to make your dance partner feel comfortable as well as focus on your own body. 'Groove' and 'rhythm' are pretty hard concepts to teach, but we all have a go at practising together in class!  

Come to class and enjoy the swing music, enjoy moving your own body to the music, and learn how to dance with anyone of any level and make them feel special. Also learn how to lead AND follow - this teaches empathy!  

We aim to nurture a space of trust, acceptance and diversity. All ages, genders, backgrounds and dance experience are welcome. 

We ask that all students be fully vaccinated. We will rotate partners during this class. 

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