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Tom Kerwin, Guest Star teacher Sept/Oct 2021

Tom Kerwin has been dancing Lindy hop since 1999, starting with a few classes as a student in Cambridge. But he really got bitten by the bug when he first moved to London and stumbled into the LSE Swing Dance Society (aka the cheapest classes in London!) From there, he started studying with dance legends Ronnie Slide and Angela Andrew, and became obsessed with this deep, rich art form.

When I moved away from London, I invited to Tom to take over teaching for the LSE society. He's taught there ever since. Later, his partnership with Angela helped him develop his approach to teaching, finding balance between technique and spirit. In the intervening years, he's taught at dance events around the UK and Europe, including Herrang Dance Camp.

Tom brings creativity and musicality to his dancing, and loves sharing the music and the dance with others, breaking down techniques and inspiring people to find their own style.

I'm privileged and happy to reunite with my first dance partner as guest teacher for 3 more weeks!

Tom and Dawn, 2002 Blues night, Herrang dance camp,

Tom and Dawn, 2021 First Wimbledon Dance class

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